Airports near Golden West Manor Motel

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Golden West Manor Motel offers close proximity to the following airports:

Los Angeles International Airport

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is the largest and busiest airport in the United States. It is located approximately 10 miles south of downtown Los Angeles. The airport covers over 6,000 acres and has four terminals. The terminals are connected by a network of walkways and air tunnels. There is a taxiway system that links all four terminals.

LAX serves as a major international gateway for passengers traveling to Asia, Australia, Europe, and Latin America. The airport features 12 passenger gate areas and six cargo gate areas. LAX is also home to the world's largest aircraft maintenance hangar.

The airport was originally built in 1926 as Los Angeles Municipal Airport. In 1939, it was renamed Hollywood Municipal Airport after Hollywood film producer Harry Cohn donated $1 million to the project. In 1941, the airport was renamed Los Angeles Air Harbor because of its location near the shoreline of Lake Hollywood. In 1948, it was renamed Los Angeles International Airport after the passage of the National Airport Act Amendments of 1946 which provided for federal funding for airports throughout the United States.

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Hollywood Burbank Airport

Hollywood Burbank Airport (KHOB) is a small airport located in the Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles County, California. The airport covers an area of just over 2,000 acres (809 ha), and has two runways: 18/36 measuring 3,950 by 150 feet (1,201 x 46 m) and 4/22 measuring 2,500 by 75 feet (762 x 23 m). It is also home to Hollywood Burbank Heliport which has a single concrete runway designated 18/36 with a helicopter landing pad measuring 120 by 240 feet (37 x 73 m). The airport handled 1,179,000 passengers in 2016.

In 1927, Hollywood Airlines began serving the Los Angeles area with Douglas DC-3 aircraft. In 1940, the City of Hollywood annexed land adjacent to the airport for use as a military airfield during World War II. As a result, Hollywood Burbank Airport was founded that same year as a private airfield operated by Howard Hughes. In 1949, the Civil Aeronautics Administration took over operation of the airport and renamed it Hollywood Municipal Airport.

In 1964, Pan American World Airways began intercontinental flights from the airport using Boeing 707 aircraft. In 1970, United Airlines began service to Los Angeles using Boeing 747 aircraft. The following year saw the opening of Runway 4/22 which was later extended to 3,950 feet (1,201 m) in 1987. In 1992, after years of negotiations between the

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Long Beach Airport

The Long Beach Airport is located in Long Beach, California. It is operated by the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (LACMTA). The airport has two runways and handled over 2.5 million passengers in 2016.

The Long Beach Airport was first proposed in 1943, but did not become operational until 1947. The airport served as a hub for Pacific Southwest Airlines until it was merged into United Airlines in 1982. In 1984, the airport underwent an expansion that added a new terminal and a second runway. The airport has since undergone several additional expansions, including a $1 billion renovation completed in 2016.

The Long Beach Airport is a major transportation hub for the Los Angeles metropolitan area. It serves as a gateway to both Southern California and Las Vegas. The airport has two runways and is able to handle up to 9 million passengers per year.

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